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Teacher introduction

Teacher introduction

Professor Shinichi SHIKATA

Shinichi SHIKATA Shinichi Shikata had received Bachler degree at Kyoto University and Master degree of Engineering at 1978 and 1980, respectively. He has been engaged in the research of 1) III-V compound semiconductor and its devices for optical communications systems (@Sumitomo Electric), 2) research and business of Diamond and its SAW devices for optical and wireless communication systems(@Sumitomo Electric), and 3) basic research on semiconductor diamond and its devices for power switching applications (@AIST). From April 2015, he has joined Kwansei Gakuin University. He is the IEEE Senior member, the member of Japan society of Applied physics and society of Information, IEICE. Dr. of Engineering, Osaka University

Wide band gap semiconductor

教員紹介鹿田01According to the IPCC proposal of “450ppm CO2 scenario”, 80% reduction of CO2 emission is required for developing countries as well as the 50% for whole world. These numbers are broken down to the technologies and “End use efficiency” is expected to contribute up to 50%. Thus, the low loss power electronics is most emerging issue amongst all the technologies. Recently, SiC power modules are replacing Si modules in some specified area, because of its low loss feature. Diamond is also known as the extreme candidate for this application, and we are focusing on this next generation material to respond the global requirement.


  1. Introduction of Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy (1st year)
  2. Physical Mathematics II (2nd year)
  3. Circuit technology (3rd year)
  4. Experimentation of Processing (3rd year)
  5. Research for the Dissertation (4th year)
  6. Crystallography (Graduate school)


Wide bandgap semiconductor, diamond, power device, SAW device, Crystallography

Research in details

  1. Research on diamond material and its application to power switching device for energy saving power modules
  2. Research on diamond material and its application for extreme (refractory/radiation resistant/high frequency) devices
  3. Research on wide bandgap semiconductor materials



Referred from “Development of diamond power electronics devices”,
S.Shikata, and H.Umezawa, Synthesiology, 6 (2013) pp.152-161


Referred from “Development of diamond power electronics devices”,
S.Shikata, and H.Umezawa, Synthesiology, 6 (2013) pp.152-161

List of collaborations

AIST(Advanced Inst. For Industrial Science and Technol.),Kumamoto University,Keio University,JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency ),Chiba University,Tohoku University


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