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Graduate MAKINO, Ryouichi Crystal growth of hBN/graphene heterostructures
Graduate MIZUNO, Shogo Nano-imaging of low-dimensional materials using TERS
Graduate MURASE, Hirotaka Control of electronic transport properties of 2D materials using ion gate
Undergraduate KAWAGUCHI, Kego CVD growth of BCN
Undergraduate FUKE, Seiya In-situ X-ray diffraction of MBE growth of GaN on 2D materials
Undergraduate IWASAKI, Kenta Fabrication of electric double layer transistor of MoS2
Undergraduate INOUE, Yosuke CVD growth of WS2
Undergraduate HARADA, Yoshiki hBN growth on insulators
Undergraduate YAMAMOTO, Ryo Fabrication of Ag tip for TERS
Undergraduate FUJIMOTO, Taiki Growth oh hBN/graphene vertical heterostructures
Undergraduate ISHI, Taiki Growth control of MoS2 using halide-assisted CVD
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Year Name Reserach theme
2018 TAKATA, Kyohei Origin of PL intensity distribution and shape anisotropy of MoS2 on sapphire
2018 KOMATSU, Naoto MBE growth of GaN using 2D materials as buffer layers and its characterization
2017 OGAWA, Kohei Nano-imaging of low-dimensional materials using TERS
2017 OKAMOTO, Yuki Growth of graphene and hBN grown on Ni thin films and their transfer
2017 KANATA, Naoya Growth and expitaxial relationship of transition metal dichalcogenide
2016 WATATANABE, Yusuke Control of quality and quantity of CVD graphene
2016 KAZAHAYA, Toshiki CVD growth of hBN on metal surfaces
2016 SAHARA, Keiyu CVD growth of MoS2 on sapphire
2015 FUJIEDA, Daichi CVD growth of graphene on Ag
2015 IWAI, Satoshi Control of nucleation in graphene CVD on Cu

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