Hirofumi Yoshikawa




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The University of Tokyo

1998. Mar.

B.Sc. in inorganic chemistry (under a supervision of Prof. H. Nishihara)

2003. Mar.

Ph.D.(D.Sc.) in inorganic chemistry  (under a supervision of Prof. S. Nishikiori)
“Synthesis, Structures and Properties of Polycyano-Polycadmate Host Clathrates Including Viologen as a Guest”

Career Track

2000. Oct.

Visiting Scholar (Prof. J. Lipkowski, Poland)

2003 – 2005

Postdoctral fellow (the 21st century COE program at Nagoya University)

2005 – 2015

Assistant Professor (Nagoya University)

2015 – 2021

Associate Professor (Kwansei Gakuin University)

2021 –

Professor (Kwansei Gakuin University)

Professional Societies

The Chemical Society of Japan, The Physical Society of Japan、The American Chemical Society、Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, Japan Society of Molecular Science, The Electrochemical Society of Japan

Research Fields

Electrochemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Solid-state Physics

Past & Present Research Topics

  1. Creation of Electronic Materials using Metal Complexes
  2. Metal and Metal Oxide Sub-micron Hollow Spheres
  3. Phthalocyanine Derivatives: “Prophyrazine”
  4. Polycyano-Polycadmate Host Clathrates Including Viologen as a Guest
  5. Others

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