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PostDocs (Employed by our research grant)

Currently, no vacant position.

PostDocs  (Employed by KwanseiGakuin)

Normally, we call the application of Postdoc (starting April) around June or July of the previous year. The deadline is mid or end of August. So then, if you are interesting, please contact me by the end of July for the application of KwanseiGakuin PD.


JSPS Fellowship (Employed by JSPS)


If you have enough research publication ( see the NOTE ), I strongly encourage you to apply the research fellowship programs offered by JSPS (Japan Society for Promotion of Science “”). In addition, even if you are some permanent staff (not a postdoc) in some institute or university, you can apply this fellowship by keeping your position in your home institute/university, i.e. can be used as sabbatical leave.


There two kinds of fellowship programs offered from JSPS depending on the duration of staying. We are allowed to apply both of them or either of them.


The deadline of application is different depending on the program and starting date. Please visit the following JSPS website to see th details.


  1. * JSPS Postdoctral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers
    – Fellowships are awarded for a period of 12 to 24 months.


  1. * Invitation Fellowship Programs for Research in Japan
    – Long-term up to 10 months
    – Short-term up to 2 months


Since the application should be co-written by the applicant and the host researcher (it’s me), the earlier contact will be helpful to make the application stronger. Contact me at least 2 months before the deadline. Usually, we have to submit the application by the mid-August (1st recruitment) or by the mid-April (2nd recruitment) to the administrative office of our university.


For the people who wish to apply to the JSPS fellowship under my supervision, please understand following points. Recently I have a lot of requests for applying to the JPSJ fellowship. However, every year I can nominate essentially a single candidate for the each fellowship program. In principle, I can nominate multiple candidates, however, it is extremely difficult that all the applicants pass through the peer reviews and win the fellowship. So, in this situation, I have to choose one strong candidate which may have potential to win the fellowship.


One should also notice that the JSPS fellowship considers the balance of the winners between different nationalities. Since recently the number of total applications especially from India and China is intensively increasing, it is unfortunately getting very high competition for the people who wish to apply from these countries. Thus, I have to request enough research publications to the applicant.


I request the following minimum condition to the people who wish to apply to the JSPS fellowship (especially long term tenure more than 12 months);
Minimum condition: in average, at least 1.0 publication (IF > 2) as a first author per year since you have started your Ph.D study. I am not a votary of IF, but it helpful for me to write the strong application.


Past track record of JSPS foreign fellowship in our group:

・ Nationality: India, Tenure: 2011.4-2013.3
・ Nationality: China, Tenure: 2015.4-2017.3
・ Nationality: China, Tenure: 2017.10-2019.9
・ Nationality: VietNam, Tenure: 2019.02-2021.1
・ Nationality: India, Tenure: 2021.4-2023.3

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